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Duration: 90 Days

Fees: 175 US$

Course duration is the Learning Management System (LMS) access available to the student. However, the student can complete the course early or whenever within 90 days and appear for the exam as per the individual learning goals.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Knowledge of ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

Course material:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Reference material
  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Case Reference Material
  • Management System Documentation Templates
  • Videos

Assessment method:

  • Assignments
  • Examination

Career Prospects:

  • Internal Auditor
  • Audit Team Member

Certified Internal Auditor - ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Internal Auditor - ISO 14001:2015

  • Credentials Global’s ISO 14001 Internal Auditor will verify your capability to steer your organization towards sustainable development by virtue of minimal environmental damage. As a Certified ISO 14001 Internal Auditor, you can contribute to boosting your organization’s Environmental Management system (EMS), building goodwill among stakeholders and establishing conformity to the ISO standards system.
  • You will learn how to perform a gap analysis, initiate and perform a successful audit in line with ISO 14001, compile current& forecasted issues and take remedial measures to bring about continued improvement. An effectively conducted ISO 14001 audits will ensure that you contribute to your firm’s positive brand image and organizational success.
  • Active learning through improvisations, case studies, role plays, lectures and team activities will equip you with a strong foundation of Auditing for the ISO 14001 framework.
  • On completion of training, appear for the exam and qualify for Credentials Global’s ISO 14001 Internal Auditor certificate.
  • This course is open to professionals conducting or overseeing internal audits for ISO 14001.

Key Outcomes:

  • Develop understanding of the ISO 14001 framework for EMS
  • Understand how the ISO 14001 standard correlates to other standards and regulations
  • Appreciate the contribution of the ISO 14001 audit to organizational success and stakeholder goodwill
  • Plan for and conduct a ISO 14001 internal audit, report key discoveries
  • Prepare Audit report
  • Build capability for decision –making based on key discoveries and business acumen
  • Follow up on the ISO 14001 audit
  • Guide the organization to achieving compliance with ISO 14001 standards; and work towards continual improvement in line with global industry players

Course Chapters:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Course
Chapter 2 Introduction to standard
Chapter 3 Terms & Definition
Chapter 4 Process Mapping
Chapter 5 High Level Structure
Chapter 6 Requirements of Standard Part - I
Chapter 7 Requirements of Standard Part - II
Chapter 8 Requirements of Standard Part - III
Chapter 9 Understanding the terms and Definition of Auditing
Chapter 10 Guidelines for Auditing Management System

Certified Internal Auditor - ISO 14001 Environmental Management System e-training online course