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Duration: 90 Days

Fees: 203 US$

Course duration is the Learning Management System (LMS) access available to the student. However, the student can complete the course early or whenever within 90 days and appear for the exam as per the individual learning goals.

Eligibility Criteria

Knowledge in a technical field of measurement where Reference Materials are used or needed.

Course Material

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Reference material
  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Case Reference Material
  • Management System Documentation Templates
  • Videos

Assessment Method

  • Assignments
  • Examination

Career Prospects

  • Internal Auditor
  • Team Member

Certified Internal Auditor - ISO 17034 Reference Material Producers

Internal Auditor - ISO 17034

ISO 17034:2016 specifies general requirements for the consistent operation of reference material producers and sets out the requirements in accordance with which reference materials are produced. It covers the production of all reference materials, including certified reference materials. This course provides a comprehensive look at the requirements of ISO 17034, the associated definitions of terms in ISO Guide 30, the requirements for statistical methods in ISO Guide 35, and the requirements for descriptive information in ISO Guide 31. The need for characterization, homogeneity, stability and uncertainty for all types of Reference Materials is discussed, along with requirements for the content of accompanying documents, such as certificates and product sheets, with emphasis on conducting the internal audits.

Key Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the ISO 17034 framework
  • Understand the role and responsibility of an Internal Auditor for ISO 17034
  • Acknowledge the requirements for establishing conformity to ISO 17034
  • Initiate and engage in an internal audit for ISO 17034, assess audit data, communicate findings, provide suggestions and launch follow up audits
  • Assist the RMP to attain compliance with ISO 17034
  • Contribute towards achieving metrological traceability
  • Appreciate how an ISO 17034 compliant RMP will elevate its standing among stakeholders and attract international recognition

Course Chapters

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Course
  • Chapter 2 Introduction to standard
  • Chapter 3 Terms and definition
  • Chapter 4 Requirements of Standard Part - I
  • Chapter 5 Requirements of Standard Part - II
  • Chapter 6 Requirements of Standard Part – III
  • Chapter 7 Metrological Traceability
  • Chapter 8 Understanding the Terms and Definition of Auditing
  • Chapter 9 Guidelines for Auditing Management System