Credentials Global is flexible in terms of ISO Training and certification - Online ISO course design and delivery. Credentials Global ISO Training and ISO courses are offered in response to the needs of our customers. They can be designed and delivered as e-learning, webinars, blended courses or complete classroom ISO Standards courses.

Many a times in a classroom setting - the instructor stands up front, behind the podium and reads bullet points from a PowerPoint presentation or reads from a book or notes for an entire module. Instructor describe some of the key points and adult students try to listen and take down the notes. Just before the class come to the end, the instructor asks if there are any questions and most of the times there is compete silence.

You may not always have the time or financial resources to attend a face-to-face ISO Standards course offered anywhere in the world. The Internet platform brings the effective learning environment to your home or work place and gives you the flexibility to complete your required qualifications at your own pace. Credentials Global's online learning platform is user-friendly and will allow you to take certification courses in International Management Standards and Technical Regulations such as Quality (QMS), Environment, occupational Health & Safety, Energy, Sustainability , Information Technology, Security, Supply Chain, Business Continuity Management, Business Process Improvement, Risk management, Best Practices and Innovation. According to the research the e-learning has following advantages for adult learners, who would otherwise like to further their education, are finding that they simply don't have the time to attend traditional classes:

  • Improves your knowledge retention
  • Fits into your schedule
  • You don’t need to make travel arrangements
  • You can customize your learning experiences
  • Doesn't interfere with your work or home life
  • eLearning empowers and motivates you
  • Removes the risks that limit learning potential.

Credentials Global courses offers individuals the unique opportunity to obtain a range of International Management System Standards and Business Improvement Auditing and Implementation Methodology qualifications, regardless of your location.

Credentials Global courses are designed and delivered only by highly competent and appropriately qualified mentors. You will receive the same instructional material and the qualification as would be delivered by any well recognized ISO classroom course.

Credentials Global’s learning pedagogy offers a trainee management system standards auditors and implementation professionals all the benefits of e-learning, saving resources and still allowing the development of practical skills through the implementation of unique learning techniques. Many leading universities and training organizations have successfully been using these methods to teach the varied theoretical and practical oriented subjects.