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Duration: 30 Days

Fees: 125 US$

Course duration is the Learning Management System (LMS) access available to the student. However, the student can complete the course early or whenever within 30 days.

Eligibility criteria:

  • This course is open to academic, administrative and technical staff working in or with an educational instituation.

Course material:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Reference material
  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Case Reference Material
  • Management System Documentation Templates
  • Videos

Career Prospects:

  • School Safety Committe Team Member.

Foundation Course - School Safety

Foundation Course - School Safety

  • A course aimed at giving you an overview of the key concepts and frameworks related to School Safety Management systems.
  • Understand how School Safety Framework can be applied to enhance School's Safety performance and thereby help achieve academic excellence. The School Safety Framework also assists schools in enhancing Safety and Security in schools for meeting stakeholders requirements.
  • This course is open to anyone that seeks to participate in any aspects of school safety and security .

Key Outcomes:

  • Promote a school safety culture in the school.
  • Understand variouse aspects responsible for school safety environment.
  • Sensitize children and the school community on safety and security measures
  • Promote capacity building of school's staff members and students.

Course Chapters:

  • Chapter 1- Introduction to Course
  • Chapter 2 - Introduction to School Safety
  • Chapter 3 - Safety Strategies for Schools
  • Chapter 4 - Personal Safety Awareness for Students at School, Home and Community
  • Chapter 5 - Fire safety in School
  • Chapter 6 - Role of teacher and parents in emergencies
  • Chapter 7 - First Aid in School
  • Chapter 8 - Total Safety Culture In Schools
  • Chapter 9 - Understanding ABC Model
  • Chapter 10 - Bullying Prevention & Response
  • Chapter 11 - Recognizing and Reporting Physical Sexual Abuse
  • Chapter 12 - Internet Communication & Technology (ICT) Safety

Foundation Course - School Safety etraining online course